How To Withdraw Winnings From a Free Spins Bonus How To Withdrawal Winnings

What good is it if you can't withdraw your free spins winnings? It's like the argument "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did it even fall"? No, that offer doesn't mean much when you can't withdraw your winnings. Let's learn how to make sure you get you payout.

What Does it Mean to Withdraw?

This term can mean a lot of different things and it might be confusing for new players to the betting world. I want to make sure you know how to understand these terms. To withdrawal here means you're pulling money out of an account, much like you know how to at an ATM.

For example, if you have a welcome bonus of 10 free spins and you win $100 during that time, you want to know how to have your money right? You'll need to request a withdraw of those free spins' earnings in order to do so! Which is why we're here today. Let's get down to the nitty-gritty learn how to do just that.

Are There Different Types of Methods?

Often called banking options, the method in which how to be paid out is dependent on many different factors. Countries may have different payment options available than others. Even in the same country, like the United States, local regulations could depict how you get your free spins withdrawal.

Most typically in the United States you'll have your choice on how to pull out money via Visa, Mastercard, and bank transfer. In other countries like the UK where regulations are far less strict, you may have more options. Often I see Skrillex, Neteller, and several cryptocurrencies accepted. The UK makes it far easier to withdraw your free spin earnings.

Why You Want to Withdraw Your Free Spins Earnings

Well, you want to withdraw your free spins earning because you want your money, don't you? Learning how to do so isn't as hard as finding a game where you can actually win real money! And when you do win, you'll want to be able to cash out fast. Alternatively, you could keep the money in your account but I'd rather my money safe in my own wallet.

How To Withdraw Free Spins

The main attraction is finally here and we're learning how to withdraw earnings from free spins bonus games. First, you'll need to head over to the casino's website by typing in the URL, opening your casino software, or navigating through your history. Once you land, there are only a few more steps on how to get your bonus!

Login to your account if necessary. Find a cashiers section; it'll probably be near where you deposited money if you've done that in the past. From the list of menu options, select withdrawal or payout, and follow the prompts. Once you've gone through all the required information, your withdraw will be pending approval.

Huge disclaimer here though, you guys. Casinos on the internet operate out of many different countries with all sorts of jurisdiction, customs, norms, and practices. This is a general instructional page, a "how-to" if you will, and your casino may look different than what I'm describing to you today. Generally, a common theme is followed between casinos but step-by-step instructions on how to withdrawal should be provided by the casino itself.

Withdrawal Requirements, Free Spins and Other Games

Free spins withdrawals won't be your only reason to request a payout. More than likely you'll be wagering your own money and withdraw requirements will need to be met. Sometimes, there is a maximum amount you can take out of your account. Conversely, you may come across a minimum payout. This is the real ticker, here.

If you have a minimum payout of $500, your withdrawal of free spin winnings amounting to a low $75 won't cut it. You'll have to keep spending more money until you even meet the minimum. If you don't pay attention to how to withdrawal requirements work, you can find yourself in a real pickle.

How Long Does It Take and Troubleshooting

Withdrawal periods are so highly variable, how to give you a good range is a pretty difficult task. I'll just present what's seen most often. Bitcoin, bank accounts, and e-wallets usually boast the quickest turn around time after approval, around 1 to 3 business days after approval. Debit and credit cards can also be quick at around 3 to 5 days turnaround. Again, this really depends on where you're playing so look to the casino for more specific details than we can give you today.

If you run into any errors, return your wage requirements page. Usually, you've messed up a necessary requirement that's needed in order to process your payment. I've even heard of casinos asking for further documentation from users to process payments. Usually, it's just a passport, state ID card, or driver's license they need to withdraw your earnings.

Games You Can Play

While your free spins were slot withdraw winnings, you can play all sorts of games to earn. Roulette, blackjack. Poker, live dealer games, and bingo will all result in you winning eventually, big or small. After today, you'll know how to withdraw money from bonus spins and many other games.

Withdrawal, Bonuses and Free Spins

A bonus may come as free spins, withdraw bonuses, and other forms of incentives. Casinos try to offer their users breaks from time to time to build a positive relationship. That way it's a mutually beneficial relationship for everyone involved.

Note that you cannot withdraw a bonus. A bonus can only be redeemed or played. It is the earnings from the bonus spins that you withdraw.

How to Withdrawal Winnings From Free Spins

Similar Offers

Similar offers do exist next to free spins. You may find a casino offering free gameplay for an hour or a welcome bonus. There are endless offers from casinos in recent times. How lucky are we to take advantage of them all!

A welcome bonus with high earnings can lead you to wonder how to get your money, just like free spins got you here. Regardless of the offer, knowing how to withdraw earnings from free spins and any other game is a necessary piece of knowledge to have.

Main Points

  1. Login to your casino account and withdraw your free spins earnings in the banking section.
  2. Fufill all wage requirements before attempting to pay out.
  3. Free spins aren't the only way to earn real money from bonuses.

FAQ - How to Withdraw Earnings from Free Spins and Other Bonuses

  • Can you withdraw a casino cash bonus? - You cannot explicitly take the cash bonus provided by a casino and withdraw it. And you're funny for thinking you're the first to have this idea! Casinos, including the most popular ones like Zodiac Casino have put restrictions in place just for people like you. While you cannot withdraw a cash bonus, you can withdraw any earnings won as long as your casino doesn't have any further requirements.
  • What is a wager bonus? - Related to the withdraw is the wager. A wager bonus is a bit of extra money for you to wager, either as a first-time promotion or just a little "thank you" from the casino.
  • Do VIP Programs offer withdrawal incentives? - Yes, incentives like free spins or a matched bonus do exist in the land of loyalty programs. A fan favorite of VIP programs is faster withdrawal periods for members. Some VIP gamers can receive their free spins winnings instantly. Don't expect that as a new player, though!

Last Words

Don't let your winning withdrawal go unnoticed. Check all of your boxes in order to ensure you'll be able to request a payout. What good is knowing how to do it if you don't meet all the requirements?

Withdrawaling your money is a key part of playing online casino games. Otherwise, what's the point? Some day when I win big I'll still play my slots for free. Until then, I'll need to know how to withdrawal.