What Are Download Slots?

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Download slots are simply games that require you to install something on your computer or mobile device. It may involve simply downloading and running a file on your computer, or you might need to register an account through something like the play store. In some cases, you might install just a single game, and in others, you might install a program that contains the entire casino.

Installing games was more common in the past when it wasn't very easy to send large amounts of information over the internet. These days, they are less common, as it's possible to program incredibly complex games that work through your internet browser.

What Are Instant Slots?

Instant slots are any games that can be played straight away in your browser. The distinct advantage is that it's incredibly easy to load up a page and start playing. In the past, instant games required that a program called Flash was installed on your computer, but these days, Flash is no longer necessary. Most games are now coded using HTML5, meaning they will work in pretty much any modern internet browser, without the need to install any additional software.

Which Is the Best?

While browser-based casino games are undoubtedly more popular, it doesn't mean there are no advantages to installing your games. When you require your users to install a program, it gives you more flexibility with the game's functions. With a browser-based game, developers may face restrictions as to what is possible.

On the other hand, when you install a game onto your computer or mobile device, it gives the developers a bit more freedom. This means that download games might have more innovative mechanics than their browser-based counterparts.20freespinsbonus.com  download / instant + slots

With that said, browser-based games are much more convenient. Not only can you play them straight away, but you also don't need to clutter up your phone or computer with more downloads.

When you run a game in your browser, all you need to do is navigate to the casino site. Nothing is stored on your phone, but rather, the data is stored on the casino's servers.


One of the biggest reasons that it became less popular to download games was due to security concerns. Installing a program onto your computer or phone puts you at risk of installing a virus or malware. For example, you could potentially download a ransomware file that locks you out of your personal data and demands payment to unlock it.

Despite the risks, you can safely install slots games by taking a few basic precautions. First, always run up-to-date antivirus software. Also, make sure that you don't ignore warnings from said software. Many people who install a virus manage to do so because they ignored warnings from their antivirus software.

Also, make sure that you only play on reputable casino sites. It's usually obscure, lesser-known sites that will try to infect users with malware.